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Avatar Animations List

List of built-in animations that is supported by each API control of each avatars;

  • VelociRaptor
    Sit, Crouch, Sleep, Pounce, Get Pounced, Rear-up, Beg, C Lay Down, Lay Down
  • Tyrannosaurus
    Crouch, Sleep, Get Pounced, Rear-up
  • Raptor (S-1)
    Sit, Crouch, Sleep, Get Pounced
  • Compsognathus
    Sit, Turn, Get Pounced

Latest version of following avatars also allow full animation names to be run from the API command (this allow any animations within the avatar’s Stomach piece to be run from script, with the exception of Stand animation)

  • VelociRaptor
  • Raptor (S-1)

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