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About Us

Nargus Lab., Inc. is a dinosaur avatars developer and Dinosaurs Park management group in the virtual world of SecondLife.

Nargus Lab., Inc. Developers and Contributors

  • Nargus Asturias (Contact Me)
    Project Leader and Master Scripter
  • Nadra Ihnen
    3D Modeller
  • Amras Martynov
    General Advisor and Chief Security
  • Spikeheila Kyger
    Assistant Advisor

Special Thanks

  • Rayverak − For the marvelous skin, the “Natural Red” set, which has become the basis in many Raptor skin til this day.
  • Ionkill Hax − Without you, Raptors would have far less gestures and skins than it is now.
  • Wulf Miles − Creator of many interesting skins, freely distributed with my avatar today. For that, you have my gratitude.

Additional Contributors

  • Sculpts and Models
    Aaaamony Raven, Beekin Zapedzki
  • Textures
    Rayverak, Wulf Miles, Ionkill Hax, Lizard Green, Stripey Larkin, Stripey Larkin (feathers)
  • Animations
    Dragor Taggart, Beekin Zapedzki, Ionkill Hax, Lizard Green (dances), Ironraptor Albion (jump), Aaaamony Raven
  • Building Assistants
    Eak Joffre
  • Freebies
    • 010000100111001001100001011011 Omlet − Ptera plushy
    • chmarr Walcott − Egg Layer for Raptor
    • Drake Goldblatt − Compy Collar
    • Ironraptor Albion − Raptor plushy

Brands of Nargus Lab., Inc.

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