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Dev. Ideas and Plans

I hereby listed the list of what has been suggested or wanted to do on my avatars, in random order:-

Bugs and Issues

  • Veloci raised tail show discontinuity FIXED
  • Eye lids don’t change when use Realistic Male theme
  • Jaw disappearance and synchronization problem FIXED
  • Speech gesture’s animations override AO when in avatar is sitting on poseball. FIXED
  • Belly/Skin Glow remained glowing on invisible jaws FIXED
    • Mouth piece keep glowing despite not being used! OBSOLETED
  • Idle animations sometimes run while avatar walk FIXED
  • Compsognathus AO broken — keep jumping all the time FIXED
  • Raptor Dances got overriden by Idle poses FIXED
  • UtahRaptor’s Feet texture set to wrong part name FIXED

Features and Misc

Minor Features

  • More choices in Theme Sets choose from the bests in the standard add-ons?
  • Drooling particles for dinos
  • Eye’s retina to be adjustable like cat’s eyes? (multi-sculpts / 2-prims?)
  • Update ptera’s HUD? DONE

Animations & Postures

  • Possible raptor poses:
    • Startled: lean backward as if to jump back, but stay in place
    • Feeling Down: let arms and claws drooped, neck and back drooped
    • Cower: bow low, crouching slightly, claws pulling backward
    • Animation for Pissed with claws waving menacing?
    • Other animations that use claws
    • Sleep with tail curl up
    • Ability to stick their tongue out!
    • Ability to bend the head&neck down DONE
  • Crest of feathers on the skull that could be raised and lowered based on HUD and chat commands. This would help out with the ‘pissed’ gesture, especially.
    • A way to make the crest invisible, to distinguish males from females if need be
      —Tyrammafar (Tyro Dreamscape)
  • Rex’s related features:
    • Dances
    • Rex
    • Swallow and ‘egged’ target for Rex; Rez a hollowed sphere around target to ‘catch’, then move the sphere into the waiting muzzle?
    • ‘saddle’ to hold ‘prey’ in Rex’s maw, wiggle and screaming as the Rex walk

Core Features

  • Redesign the Skin Parts system? :-
    • Add “Subpart”; Subpart names goes after the Prim’s Part name in config like Advanced Partcode
    • Subpart buttons may go to right-bottom corner of the HUD, under Textures?
    • Alternatively: Just add new Parts for Hands-Feet and Snout instead!
  • Find a way to store Advanced Code?
  • Better skins and more detailed sculpts
  • Do Velociraptor mongoliensis’s snout

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