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S2 Anthro Raptor v2.31 RE-PACKAGE

Due to problem in the Anthro Raptor’s Patch system, physical updates have been released for all Anthro Raptors. If you experience problem regarding Updates, please come to get physical update at Dinosaurs Park, Update Booth!

Updates since last physical package:

  • FIXED: Missing control scripts in various body parts
  • FIXED: Tail didn’t response to update and Skin HUD
  • FIXED: HUD Plugin module break on non-exist part request
  • ADDED: Support for sub-parts control via HUD
  • ADDED: Vocal noise when using Raptor talk channel
  • ADDED: F10 MENU Option to always Enable/Disable vocal noise
  • Skin HUD v4.11 now allow custom name in Save/Load menu
  • Mouth movement now randomized
  • Mouth movement now varied by on the length of message length, for /8 Raptor Channel talk

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