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The History

Start by the end of 2005, Nargus Asturias start working on his first avatar, for himself. It was a Raptor AV of species Utahraptor, with most of the basic animations. The 2nd feral dinosaur avatar in the entire grid as far as I known. And the first feral dinosaur with extensive animations built-in. Getting considerable amount of requests, he decide put it out for sells in his first vendor in The Wild, at L$1470 a piece with No Mod, completed with basic color and texture HUD.

The avatar was suddenly a big hit. Tons of sells coming in, as well as requests for more. And thus, Nargus Avatar brand was born.

Renting out spaces in various malls as the requests coming in. Feathered Raptor then be created, and later the Anthro Raptors. But “Quality not Quantity” has always been Nargus’ quote since the first day with the Utahraptor AV. Each new avatar released has to be uniqued in their own way. It should provide the grid somethings have never been before when it was first done, or create new invention has never been used anywhere else.

By midyear of 2006, the Dinosaurs Park was founded, within a corner of the old Pumacity sim, owned by Casey Benton. Gallimimus and Pteranodon AV were then added to the list of species available by Nargus Asturias. Not the biggest hit, especially Gallimimus AV, but that’s the way of things. As it was expected.

The sim then faced many changes and rebuilds, but the Park still remained the same. Customers start commenting us, people start coming to take a look at the dino park in SL. The Raptor Quest I has been added to strengthen the “History” of the park and all that lies within.

And from here, we grow.

Aug. 24, 2007. Ownership of the Pumacity sim, the host of the old Dinosaurs Park, has been transfered to Nargus Asturias with the withdrawal of the city within the sim. And the dinosaurs park is then being recreated, above and beyond the boundary of the old one. Bigger and better. As Nargus Avatar brand then be renamed to Nargus Lab., Inc. in support for the new bigger park.

And for there can be no land without history. The old Park has not been removed, but left crumbled to the ground…reminding visitors of its good old days, when feral avatars were few and dinosaurs were no where to be seen…

In the end

We were the first to success in feral dinosaurs line. One of the very first to use flexiprim for flapping wings. Our Compsognsthus was among the first smallest avatars with better animations, at least 2 times smaller than normal tiny avatars at the time. And our new T-rex was one of the biggest non-megasize avatars, alongside Adult Dragon from the Council of Wyrm, but with smoother animations.

Even though not all our dinosaurs are the best in SL, but we would like to believe our raptors has always been at the top in quality, and we will try to always be. We have one of the most complex automate skinning system to date, with large bank of free skins addon. To ensure that even with no building ability or Mod permission, every owner of our avatars will never be forced to look the same. Although they could, should they want to.

But in the end, we could not have all of these without YOU. Without our customers and friends, requesters and contributors, there would have been no Dinosaurs Park nor Nargus Lab., Inc.

Without you, we would not be.

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