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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Report a Bug

If you found a bug not listed in Dev. Ideas and Plans, please IM Nargus Asturias herself. State your problem immediately and don’t bother with notecard or “Hello!” or “Are you there?”

If you do not feel inclined to IM, click on a Mail button on your Skin HUD, then choose Comment and type in your message. Mail button can be found on top-rightmost corner of the HUD.  (with the exception of Gallimimus avatar, which do not have that HUD)

How do I Join the Team

If you are an animator, a texturer, or a sculpter wishing to join in the Nargus Lab and help us create wondrous things, you are welcome to IM Nargus Asturias with your inquiry.

ANIMATORS who wish to create animations for Nargus Lab’s avatars may download base animation for the avatars for free. Nargus Lab are willing to pay for any accepted animations you created so they may be provided to general public. Otherwise, you may choose to sell them through your own vendor at the Park, free of charge.

Accepted CUSTOM TEXTURES/SKINS maybe sold to Nargus Lab, or sold through your own vendor with our custom HUD package for Developer. Quality Theme Set will be paid to be used in our HUD. (Sample of this is Realistic Male/Female sets for Raptors, created by RedRaptor Tank)

Able SCULPTERS seeking alliance may contact Nargus Asturias for full scripting support and/or available animations set to use in your avatar. Profit sharing are negotiable. We have one of the most customizable skin system around.

On the subject of Grendel’s Children

  • Yes, we did EXCHANGE ideas, but that was YEARS ago.
  • Yes, I explained how I did ONE of my OLD script to one of my old friend, who was a builder of Grendel.
  • GRENDEL INVENTED TALK JAW, as I know it, that’s what I always said.
  • This happen YEARS AGO, and has NOTHING to do with any of my current shelf items!
  • NO, you don’t go bothering them about it!

Avatar Issues

  • How to change which part I am changing in my Skin HUD?

    Click on the part name (ie: SKIN) or, for new HUD design, click on the part icon to the left.

  • I just run Auto-Patch on my avatar, and I suddenly get error messages when I move! or My avatar is suddenly broken afterward!

    First try Unattach and Reattach the avatar. It should fix most of all problem you might have had as a result of Auto-patch. Knowledgeable user may just unattach/reattach the Stomach part of the avatar.

    If that doesn’t work, you may IM: Nargus Asturias for more information.

  • What the heck is BLACKHOLE in my parts dialog?!? Will it explode??

    No it won’t explode, and it’s not really blackhole. It is a codename for nostril holes and the prim at the deepest end inside your maw.

  • My avatar’s jaw disappeared/misaligned! Help!

    It is a known bug. Simply turn around and talk should fix the issue. Laggy sims could also cause it. You may also disable Talk-jaw from “Menu > Mouth > Talk Off” to get rid of this problem.

    Latest version of both S2 Pteranodon and S2 Raptors have fixed this issue. You may try updating at the Update Booth within Dinosaurs Park.

  • I changed the skin, but head claws and feet won’t change with the skin!

    If you are using Feather version, you’ve to use BELLY part to change those parts (badly named I know). Or, alternatively, you can use Theme Set menu to change entire body at once instead.

    Started with Skin HUD v4, feral’s claws, feet and head parts are now called SKIN2. And Theme Set menu is now called Basic Page, which is on by default when your avatar support the feature.

  • I screwed up my avatar! I need a new replacement!

    You can unpack the avatar from the original package again. If you’ve lost that too, you may try to use Upgrade Booth in Dinosaurs Park. Or, if all else failed, IM: Nargus Asturias for manual replacement.

  • I bought Compsognathus, and I can’t see myself, but others see me fine. What’s wrong?

    InvisiMesh, technology that use to hide your human body in the avatar is based upon a bug in the Linden’s client. It is possible that your client has already fix this particular bug.

    You can use older version of InvisiPrim which should be found in the same folder as your avatar’s LICENSE CARD.

    Nicholaz Edition Eye Candy EC-f client was confirmed to have trouble with InvisiMesh.

  • Why does my avatar look broken and walking odd?

    Make sure you are not in No Script land. Try teleport somewhere else that allow script and walk around.

  • Why do I see a human head stick out of the raptor chest?!?

    That is Linden Lab’s client bug. The easiest way to fix this is to wear some other avatar, and wear the raptor again. If you are familiar with Shape items, try wear any other shape and wear the raptor shape again.

  • How could I attack/pounce/dance?

    On top of your screen you should see the Gesture HUD. Click on the buttons to perform the animations.

  • I heard other dinos talking in secret, how do I join in the conversation

    Dino secret channel allow those who wear the same species to communicate with each other secretly. To talk in the secret channel, say:


    Or, if you want to shout:

    /8shout YOUR MESSAGE

  • How do I *censor* with that particular avatar?

    Okay, I know it being natural and all, but I’m not good at that type of animations. No ‘fred, however, as I believe a few others animators are trying to create what is missing. As of now, you may ask Ionkill Hax and Beekin Zapedzki.

Buying and Upgrade Issues

  • How do I check for update?

    You should get notified as soon as a newer version is detected for your avatar. You can force version checking by say following command:

    /44av update

    If the command give no response, you may be using avatar that does not support auto-update. In that case, go to Upgrade Booth in Dinosaurs Park.

  • My avatar gave me an update patcher. What do I do with it?

    Wear your avatar then drag the patcher object onto the ground. Then touch the capsule.

  • The updater/patcher give me ERROR messages! Help!

    Warning doesn’t necessary mean your avatar is now broken. Firstly, try to touch the capsule again after the process is finished and see if the warning still appear. If the patcher gave you new parts/objects, try to wear them first before retry.

    If the problem persists, go to the Upgrade Booth in Dinosaurs Park for full update package. Chance is, whatever bug you faced has already been fixed in the latest version.

    You may IM: Nargus Asturias if the warnings keep going on even with new update.

  • I just got a notice/rumor about this discount/promotion. How do I get it?

    Discount and promotion are dealt with manually by Nargus Asturias. IM her for more information.

Developer / Modder Issues

    • Why my hat/cigar/eyeglasses I wear doesn’t move with my avatar’s head?

      Because our avatars use script-controlled head, you have to link the attachments into the avatar’s head first. To do that, drop the head and attachments. Select your attachments, THEN select the head. And hit Ctrl-L.

      Latest version of both S2 Pteranodon and S2 Raptors no longer have this problem. You are encouraged to update to the latest version if you own either of the avatars.

    • The head is constantly moving, even on the ground! I can’t mod anything!

      Lock the head using following command:

      /44av headlock

      You may unlock the head using:

      /44av headunlock

    • I add my equipments to the avatar parts, and now the Skin HUD doesn’t work on it!

      Chance is you accidentally linked your new pieces as Root Prim. To ensure that the HUD will still work, you have to select the avatar’s part LAST, before you link them.

    • I add my hat/head-gear to my avatar’s head, and now I cannot open my eyes!

      Same as previous question. Chance is you accidentally linked your new pieces as Root Prim. To ensure that the HUD will still work, you have to select the avatar’s part LAST, before you link them.


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