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The Fiction

” When will a truth become a history, a history become a legend, a legend become a myth, and a myth dissolved into nothingness? “

For every land need a legend, every place has its own conflict, and everything has a dark side. The Park, as it has been called, could not escape this fact.

For years, the Park has been a beautiful theme park, a great place of relaxation and holiday for families, old and young alike. With the latest technological wonders, allowing anyone to temporary take on a shape of one of the formerly extincted prehistoric species and see for themselves what it would feel like to BE one. Both thrill seekers, nature lovers, and dinosaur fans come to the park, to see the real-life dinosaurs, to watch, and to EXPERIENCE it first-claw.

But what lies behide these technological achievements? What is the true intention of the creator of the Park and the owner of Nargus Lab., Inc? And what is truly going on behide the secured wall of Nargus Bio-technology Research Center?

A world’s most dangerous secret is about to be revealed…

Gray Feather Storyline

Written by Xacarith Zelmanov, with input from Nargus Asturias main plot. Featuring an effect of the transformation on a scientist of Nargus Lab., Inc. and his raise as the Grey Feather.

Work In Progress

Raptorian Federation Resources

All contents here are Copyrighted © me. Any redistribution must ask my permission first.

Listed below are documents regarding the language of the Raptorian Federation, as studied by Nargus Lab’s linguistic experts.

Raptorian Language

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