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This is a sad day

No, it has nothing to do with the Park. But it is still a sad day for us developers, and probably fifth of the citizen of Second Life.

Linden Lab has killed off Emerald today. Effectively closed down the Viewer with the most features and the most updated fixes for bugs. It is a viewer that has most of what Viewer 2 lack that power user requested.

What will we use now? Do we have to use LL’s poorly written viewer? Or do we need to fall back to lesser viewer, with much more bugs than Emerald ever does?

2 Responses to “This is a sad day”

  1. Well, you can always use Emergence Viewer like I do; it’s Emerald Viewer without the stuff that those guys added to it that killed the project.
    If you ask me… the Lindens didn’t kill Emerald. The Emerald devs decided to dig their own grave by abusing their privileges. =U

  2. Yep, it’s a sad day, but I’m using Phoenix viewer, which has been added to the Trusted TPV list and it’s an emerald clone.

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