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F.A.Q.: How do I Join the Team?

A new section is posted in the F.A.Q. page that might interests developers around;

How do I Join the Team?

If you are an animator, a texturer, or a sculpter wishing to join in the Nargus Lab and help us create wondrous things, you are welcome to IM Nargus Asturias with your inquiry.

ANIMATORS who wish to create animations for Nargus Lab’s avatars may request base animation for the avatar for free. Nargus Lab are willing to pay for any animations you wish to create so they may be provided to general public. Otherwise, you may choose to sell them through your own vendor at the Park, free of charge.

Accepted CUSTOM TEXTURES/SKINS maybe sold to Nargus Lab, or sold through your own vendor with our custom HUD package for Developer. Quality Theme Set will be paid to be used in our HUD. (Sample of this is Realistic Male/Female sets for Raptors, created by RedRaptor Tank)

Able SCULPTERS seeking alliance may contact Nargus Asturias for full scripting support and/or available animations set to use in your avatar. Profit sharing are negotiable. We have one of the most customizable skin system around.

Original content at: http://narguslab.com/press/avatars/faq/#how_join

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