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S-2 Trex v2.30

  • ADDED: Auto-patch system — now upgrade can be done automatically!
  • ADDED: New central Gesture HUD!
  • FIXED: Jaw disappear after incomplete communication
  • FIXED: Teleport cause odd animation glitch
  • FIXED: Skin Export sometimes make gums and feathers disappeared
  • Extend rex speech shout range to sim-wide
  • Add press sound to HUD buttons
  • Remove restrict on list of poses that can be run as custom animations
  • Changed eye textures to match the furry/human standard
  • Unload textures from Skin HUD when unused to save memory
  • Skin HUD improvements and new default skins & colors
  • For SL v1.21 client; Menu now moved onto Skin Chooser HUD for easy access
  • Talk animations now activated when use rex’s speech.

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