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S-2 Raptors v2.75

A NEW UPDATE HAS ARRIVED! S2 UtahRaptor and VelociRaptor v2.75 is NOW AVAILABLE with the first Auto-update feature to be available in an avatar industry (at least I believe so). We beat the Seawolf’s by the nose.

As I believe we are one of the leaders in avatar field, I hope this move will lead the rest of the market to the more steamlined update for all customers! 😀

But for now, come and grab your updates! 🙂

– Head of Nargus Technology — ” We are Innovation.”

  • ADDED: Auto-patch system — now upgrade can be done automatically!
  • ADDED: Slower animation for hovering (float) underwater
  • FIXED: Swim animation don’t run when moving underwater
  • FIXED: Minor run booster bug
  • FIXED: Jaw gone when talk with Talk-jaw disabled
  • Talk animations now activated when use raptor’s speech.

2 Responses to “S-2 Raptors v2.75”

  1. But..I have AnthroXtacy avs and the like with auto-updates…You’re not the first, dear, sorry. oo

  2. But…but… *sniff*
    Oh well.

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