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Creators using Nargus API

Here listed known and approved creators who is or will be using Nargus API in their avatars.

  • Creator: Wispur Kultus (Wispur Creations)
    API Used: Anthro Raptor (Partial)
    Known Avatars: Naga series
  • Creator: Beekin Zapedzki (eCHOES dESIGN)
    API Used: S-1 Raptor (Full API)
    Known Avatars: Roboraptor
  • Creator: Hydrogen Excelsior (HYBRIDERA)
    API Used: Anthro Raptor; using S-2 HUD and Skinning system
    Known Avatars: Hybriderian Characters
  • Creator: Ironraptor Albion (Iron Raptor Studios)
    API Used: S-1 Raptor (Full API)
    Known Avatars: IRS Bio CyberRaptor

If you suspect some other avatars might be using Nargus API or using Nargus Lab’s HUD system, please IM Nargus Asturias immediately for further investigate. Thank you.

If you are a creator and wish to use Nargus API on your avatars, please IM Nargus Asturias. Full API support come with full range of animations to go with that API. Allowance are determinded from what avatars you will be doing and how good you are at it.

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