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Nargus API

This section contain information and links on how to write a 3rd party script that communicate and, possibly, control avatars created by Nargus Lab., Inc.

This document do not describe the key part of the API, which is, how to send a command to the avatar. If you wish to obtain full access to the API command, IM Nargus Asturias.

Avatars API Protocal

Command Structure


  • “target-key” is UUID key of the target avatar.
  • “command-code” is internal code of a specific command. (check out Command Codes section)
  • “parameter-1” and “parameter-2” are parameters to be sent along with the command.


  • This command make a target avatar start/stop animation name “Sit”:
  • This command force a target to start wagging tail, with speed 2:
  • This command make a target wink his or her left eye:

Command Codes

S-2 Raptors

Please request to Nargus Asturias for API documents of other avatars.

Skin HUD Plug-in SDK

Coming Soon

Poseball & Gesture API Commands

  • Start/Stop animation (ignore name to use the first animation in poseball):
    ANIM name
    STOP_ANIM name
  • Trigger sound (ignore name to use the first sound in poseball):
    SOUND name
  • Delay gesture
    WAIT seconds
  • Run avatar API command (commands list/format)
    CMD command-code;parameter-1;parameter-2
  • Send a link-message to all prims
    LINK number;string;key
  • Have owner speaks a message
    SAY message

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