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Dev. Ideas and Plans

Here listed ideas and to-do suggested by residents or thought up by myself. In random order:-

  • Make a “Collision prim” (hate sensors) to trigger “raptor warning call” if avatars come near fence (JonyBlade Codesmith) OBSOLETED
  • Reduce size of the dino beacons at the gates, make it smaller at least, if not redesign OBSOLETED
  • Put photo of the old park’s grand old day in the ruin
  • Change door locked sound to “lock down is in effect”
  • Update park’s utah npc to new sculpt
  • Dinosaur sound random screamer like Old Domes
  • Add mask and tubes between the raptor’s crotch in feral tanks like in anthro’s one.
  • Put poem “The Evil, I Am” in the park
  • Speech AI in the shop area, to answer/speak with customers?
  • Storage Tanks to auto-grab nearby victims with RLV command?
  • Finish the cave area!!!
  • Button on control center to disable fences and open gatesOBSOLETED
  • Begin thinking about the Raptor Quest II anew…
  • Putting guard rails along the rims of the southern parts of the domes? (Amras Martynov)

Park Renovation Project

  1. Raise the domes’ ground level to be just above the Restaurant, be rid of extra levels under
  2. Turn current Control Center into the new Control Tower, accessible from underground train from the Complex

Phase 1

  1. Make new Storage Room out of space near the L1 Elevator
    • “^= Storage Sales” sign behind the books corner’s wall?
  2. Move stuffs from old Storage Room to new one (included Amras’ gesture boxes)
  3. Be rid of rooms under old shop
  4. Buy cleaning supplies & Fill the room behind theater with them?
  5. Find a good, prim-save, location for new Server Room
    • Get rid of old server room
  6. Be rid of old storage level after stuffs are moved

Phase 2

  1. Relocate stuffs from old Laboratory & make space for the Tubes
  2. Be rid of the old Laboratory
  3. Raise ground level so the staircase goes into ground instead of restaurant
    • Have Amras paint the domes with dirt & overgrown plants

Phase 3

  1. Open the Elevator tunnel to go into the old Control Tower, redesign it
  2. Remake the Raptor Quest to fit new buildings


Dinosaurs Rental Programme

  • L$75/L$100 per 2 weeks?
  • Only work within the Park
  • After a user has spent N amount on rental of the same species;
    Option A) Remind them they should just save up and buy one instead
    Option B) Give them the full version when they’ve “re-rent” the same species enough time 

    • Remind them how many times left before they get the full avatar

Dinosaurs Museum

Converting Restaurant & Museum area into one big actual museum, with both real science materials and Park’s materials (ie: model, glimpse of storyline, Park’s “history”)

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