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Sneak a peek at S2 Anthro skin


S2 Anthro Raptor full body’s skin sample. I might try to get the edge fixed at the shoulders, but otherwise, it’s done. I tried to get the belly color to emphasis on the feminine curves, and fix the abruptness of the stripes in the last beta version (one sold in the charity event). So now the black strips on the legs are moving from the back to the front, instead of just popping on the thigh.

But best of all, it’s done normal raptor skin, distorted in Illustrator CS4. So making new skin should be much easier considering its complexity.

Mmm…now if I could find my sculpter to finish the hands and the feet for me…

Is this color dark red, or brown, anyway? O.o

3 Responses to “Sneak a peek at S2 Anthro skin”

  1. So far, so good. It looks like a maroon-to-red color, with the stripes being a dark brown or black. It definitely looks better than the beta, hehee. I can’t wait for its release.

  2. Isn’t this a modified version of the skin Victor Cole did for the Velocipraptor’s a while back? If I remember right, there was a green version as well.

    Yea, still had it in inventory, called, “COLE SKIN GREEN/RED”. Big fan of this texture. This version for the main skin is something that I’ve been wanting for a good while. Keep at it Nargus.

  3. Indeed it is. I’ve a couple recoloring variety of it so far. Then I’ll go for Wulf Mile Fuzzy set next. But I’ll have to do the template again for that one first.

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