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Park’s last survey result

1. What species should we do next?

22.2%       Stegosaur (plate-back) **
21.0%       Parasaurolophus
19.8%       I want upgrade of old species first!
17.3%       Triceratop (tri-horns)
16.0%       Ankylosaur
14.8%       Plesiosaur (sea-monster)
12.3%       More raptors! O.o
9.9%        Long-neck (ie: Brontosaur)

Dilophosaurus, Iguanodons, Troodon, Archeopteryx, Suchiomimus, Spinosaurus, and Dragon

2. What should we add/improve most?

46.8%       More dinosaur actions, ie: attack, strikes, nuzzles **
22.1%       Upgrade all avatars to Series-2 (sculpts)!
15.6%       More dances/animations
14.3%       More intimate animations! O.o
11.7%       Better/more realistic body shapes
7.8%        Better/more realistic skins
6.5%        Upgrade all avatars to Series-3!!! (What?) O.o
3.9%        Better 3rd party builders/animators support

More sounds and Raptor’s Jump Enhancement

3. What is needed most in the Park?

33.3%       Free stuffs! **
22.2%       More quests
22.2%       Residental & Gathering area
22.2%       More labs & Equipments

– Park Map HUD (really, I like this idea)
– A large “Dinosaur Experience” section where folks can browse different species of dinosaurs with notecard givers giving some info about them….sort of like a museum….but without the bones.

4. Any special requests?

Dino-only clubs, Bot’s intelligent improvement, Better animations, Sunglasses, and a Were-raptor!

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  1. SCULPT WERE-RAPTOR OR WERE-TREX I can’t stress how high the demand is for good anthro carnivores. Lets face it, the Anthro raptor was nice, but it needs a MAJOR sculpt and muscle overhaul, same with a T Rex humanoid project.

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